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barry's bootcamp

While ultimately not used, the first image group was a draft for the 2017 Pride campaign for Barry's Bootcamp NYC. I took their classic chevron logo and their "color run" theme and created the explosion of pride. Using Photoshop and multiple layers to get the multiple colors and leaked smoke. 

The second image was going to be used as the Pride Temporary Tattoo that was passed out at the parade that year. Once again taking their iconic chevron logo and the "color run" theme,  I was tasked with creating a temporary tattoo to fit in with the pride campaign. While the color smoke clouds wouldn't show up as well on skin, I found vectorizing paint drips in Illustrator created the same colorful vibe. 

The third image is a document included in the Employee Handbook depicting the Mission, Guiding Principles, and Vision of the company. I created icons in Illustrator to created a patterned background, then created the document in Photoshop to create the golden gradients. 

*Barry's Bootcamp main chevron logo not designed by me*

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