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I specialize in logo design and branding for start-ups, small businesses, and other small organizations. I believe that as a business owner you have a pretty clear vision of what you want in your logo. You just may not know how to communicate it or possess the skills to create it. I pride myself on being able to take what is in your head and put in on a screen, on paper, on a t-shirt and on a business card. 

I love to meet with a client and hear them talk about their business, and their passion. I love to see images that inspire you to narrow down the style and direction of your logo. I am not a designer who works hourly or who simply designs a logo and walks away. I like to work with you until your logo is perfect and then stay with you to help create flyers, business cards, social media ads, and anything else to help brand your business for success. 


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Los Angeles, CA  |  |  Tel: 801.330.6436

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